eFLYER 800

8-seater regional business aircraft

The eFlyer 800 has been redesigned to fit an electric propulsion engine. 

This 8-seater business class offers the highest level of comfort compared to a turboprop aircraft in its class.

Its aerodynamic efficiency is more than double that of conventional turboprop aircraft of similar size, and its low cooling drag and high motor efficiency make the entire propulsion system more efficient.

eFLYER 800

Spec Overview


Best target price 2021


Cabin Width

65 inches

Wingspan, Wing Area

53 feet, 200 ft2

Glide Ratio


Crew (or Payload)
1,540 lbs

Safran Electric Motors

Two 550 kW (2 x 675 HP)

Rate of Climb

3,000+ fpm

Normal Speeds
75 – 320 knots
Economy Cruise
255 knots (@ --- kW)
500 nm (IFR)
Certified Op Altitude
35,000 feet
Flight Endurance; Note 2, 3
3 hours

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