[22.08.19 The Seoul Economy Daily] K-Defense Company VOGO Industries Delivers 330 Small Special Boats to the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Peru

21 Sep 2022

In 2022, South Korea’s major defense companies achieved the largest arms export of about US$ 14.5 billion, or KRW 19 trillion, to challenge the stronghold of the world’s defense big five—U.S., Russia, France, Germany and China. And there is one small defense company in Korea targeting the international market of small special boats.

VOGO Industries is a Korean defense company that produces diversified lineups of small and medium-sized special vessels such as rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), patrol boats, coastal rescue boats, bullet-proof high-speed boats, diving propellers and submersibles.

The company has produced and delivered 330 special military ships at home and abroad since 2018, winning orders for 10 naval RIBs in the military modernization project promoted by Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines.

The high-speed fleet of Carbon Patrol RIB 1200 exported to the Philippines is the first special ship equipped with carbon composite and diesel outboard in Korea, to which its client expresses high satisfaction, leading to additional delivery under discussion.

The high-speed fleet is designed and built by VOGO Industries, with lightweight and high-intensity hull and communications radar equipment, and is able to travel at the speed of over 45 knots. The company is planning to upgrade the fleet to a new high-speed one using new material plastic and additionally export the product to Southeast and South American countries, along with the Philippines.

Daeyoung MAENG, CEO of VOGO Industries, stated, “Our company outstripped Zodiac of France, a defense powerhouse, in 2015 and was recognized for delivering its high-speed ships to the South American countries.” He added, “We have a number of patents related to marine special ships such as patrol boats, diving propellants, and small submersibles, and we will try to commercialize ships flying over the surface, or so-called WIG, and hydrogen vessels.”

VOGO Industries recently completed the development of the first ship with liquefied hydrogen and fuel cells and began the final test, and plans to hold a liquefied hydrogen technology exchange meeting with Contech Mobility and the Research Institute of Medium & Small Shipbuilding (RIMS) in August to promote the hydrogen fleet.

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