Multi-Purpose Mission WIG Craft

It can be used in diverse categories, including tourism, rescue, search, logistics, and transportation.

It is designed to operate year-round on rivers, lakes, oceans, water, snow and ice, flat land, deserts and wetlands. Equipped with two 8-cylinder gasoline engines, the ES-1 can jump to a height of 100 meters when operating in aircraft mode, allowing take-off and landing at waves of up to 0.5-0.75 meters (<2 points) and up to 12 m/s (counter on take-off) and up to 6 to 4 m or less of tailwinds.


Spec Overview


Flight altitude, m

Up to 150 m

Flight speed, km/h

185 km/h

Maximum speed, km/h

220 km/h

Passengers, person

Up to 10

Flight range, km

Up to 650 km

Commercial load, kg

Up to 1000 kg

- Use 24/7

- Amphibious

- Simplify crew training

- Simplify operational conditions

- Simplify infrastructure requirements

- Reduce operational costs

- Reduce fuel consumption

- Product application versatility

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