2-seater basic training aircraft

eFlyer 2 is a changer that will change the way pilots are trained in basic education. Electric propulsion engine eFlyer Cost-effective training is possible at up to 1/5 the cost of expensive jet fuel.

eFlyer 2 is a "Airworthiness Standards: Normal Category" for global FAA 14 CFR Part 23 Type Amendment 64 certification(FAA 2018.4.13 Certification)

The eFlyer 2 has been redesigned with an electric propulsion engine design. The aerodynamic efficiency is more than double that of conventional aircraft of a similar size, and the low cooling drag and high motor efficiency make the entire propulsion system more efficient.


Spec Overview


Best target price 2021


Cabin Width

46 inches

Wingspan, Wing Area

38 feet, 129.7 ft2

Glide Ratio


Crew (or Payload)
450 lbs

Safran Electric Motors

110 kW (150 HP)

Rate of Climb

1,200 fpm

Normal Speeds
55 – 135 knots
Economy Cruise
100 knots (@ 28 kW)
220 nm (VFR)
Certified Op Altitude
14,000 feet
Flight Endurance; Note 2, 3
3 hours

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